Friday, 4 June 2010

Evaluation - FMP

Over the fmp I have progressed as a designer greatly, I feel more able to design, having more confidence in what I do, making decisions at ease, but most of all I feel more experienced, and this is something which I feel will help me to continue to progress and ready me for my career in design after the course.
I feel I have managed my time over the fmp well, i have achieved a lot in terms of design and finally discovered what I want to do in design. During the fmp, I feel I have become more independent as a designer, by frequently taking a leading role during the yearbook brief. I have more confidence when showing and talking about my work as I know its to an expected standard in the industry, again this is something I feel the course has helped me with as some institutions don't offer this kind of help and it shows. Also, I have improved the pace of my design, I can now pick up a brief and finalise it to a short deadline by making confident decisions, I feel this is something vital to be able to do as the industry is at a fast pace and having this experience of it whilst on the course has prepared me for work, where it really counts.
I value the course greatly as I now feel prepared to start working in the real world, an opportunity I feel the course has provided me with through the experience to show my work to visiting professionals, do work placements and create a number of contacts.
I can't wait to start designing at a professional level, in a devoted design studio, with passionate designers again.

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