Thursday, 25 February 2010

Yearbook - Prototype

Here is a prototype we made of the yearbook. Included are a number of pages: a DPS of a student, a quote page, an achievements page, cover, and book jacket (which folds-out to a poster).

Yearbook - Layout Design

Here are updated layout designs, we decided to keep the page really clean and of minimal 'clutter', to allow the students work to stand out as much as possible, we did this by using a limited colour palette and making the images the dominant focus of each page by arraigning them large, and in the center of the spreads.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Yearbook - 2nd Photoshoot

We decided the photo's of student work against the wooden boards were too messy, and didn't show the work very well, they did not look professional enough.
Therefore we shot the set again, this time against a white background, keeping the shots super clean and clutter-free.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Yearbook - DPS layouts

Here are mock-ups of the layouts..

Yearbook - DPS layouts

Here are designs for the concept and layout of the yearbook.

Yearbook - Photographing Student Work

We decided to get some lights, this has improved the shots immensely. Also, ordering the work in a constructed, consistent format makes things cleaner and focuses the attention to the work.

Yearbook - Photographing Student Work

Here is the setup and start of photographing the student DPS pages in the yearbook.
The layout of work is wuite cluttered and the balance of incorporating a working studio environment into the shot is causing this...