Friday, 29 January 2010

Imbalance - Ideas

Here are some more ideas for the diet imbalance brief.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

FMP Briefs

Imbalance - ISTD 2010 (2 weeks)
This brief allows me to design with information, creating a visual map of a series of info which communicates one message.

100 - ISTD (1 week)
This brief focuses on one number; 100. I can create a range of work for this brief as it's quite open on limitations, i feel there is room for a highly concept driven approach to this brief.

Language Change (1 week)
This is a self written brief, i want to develop my experience with language and typography. I can apply my layout skills to create a print focused project, looking at different publications and stocks in different environments.

MPA Roses Student creativity Awards 2010 - Cannibals (2 weeks)
This is a brief which is open to any interpretation, its fun and well suited to a creative mind. I plan to focus on packaging, promotional advertisements, labels and strong concepts throughout this brief.

Leeds College of Art - Yearbook(s) 2010 (3-4 weeks)
This is a great brief to undertake, it will further my experience of working with type, layout, print processes, stocks, working in a team and managing a large project.

ICM (tbc)
I will experience a much more professional environment when working on the ICM briefs, improving my presentation and idea pitching skills, as well as my teamwork skills.

Innovative Calendar (1 week)
I plan to extend my concept and layout skills with this project, also packaging and information are areas involved.

Another Anomaly - YCN 2008 (1 week)
I want to create a short animation, focusing on message through use of type and simple imagery & sound. I think this brief has room for a highly creative concept.